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rfid secure wallet


A wallet is meant to carry and protect some of your most valuable personal effects–cash, credit cards, driver’s license, and your very identity.

The Flipside® 3X Wallet is considered to be the ultimate evolved form of the famous Flipside® 2X, and continues to advance elements of traditional wallets in terms of versatility, durability, functionality, and style.

The Flipside® 3X improves on every element of its predecessor, including new structural reinforcements on an already strong polycarbonate shell design, a redesigned and stronger locking mechanism, an enlarged cash slot for storing both cash and cards, and a brand new detachable clip system that can hold just about anything.


• RFID Blocking: Two main card slots prevent RFID scanning of your credit/debit cards

• Reinforced Polycarbonate Design:  Prevent your cards from being bent or crushed

• Streamlined Organization:  Flip between cash and cards easily and intuitively

• NEW capacity options:  Holds 8 cards and 10 bills, with the new cash slot able to hold both cash and cards

• NEW Scratch Resistant Texture: A rugged new texture repels most scratches

• NEW Detachable Clip:  The new external clip can hold cards, business cards, cash and more

• NEW Locking Mechanism: A revamped, stronger button system locks the wallet tight

• 1-Year Limited Warranty:   Click here to learn more

NOTE: The Flipside® 3X Wallet is able to hold U.S. and Australian bills inside the cash slot, but extra wide bills such as Canadian, U.K., and some Euro notes must be double folded or held under the external strap.



flipside modular wallet attachment


The Flipside® 3X Wallet is a masterpiece wallet design that accommodates a perfectly reasonable amount of personal items. However, every wallet user’s capacity needs can vary from day to day depending on their activities.

The NEW FlipsideKick™ has been designed exclusively for the Flipside® 3X wallet. Now made from a single piece of durable polycarbonate plastic, the FlipsideKick™  attaches to the back of your wallet to increase it’s capacity. Hold up to 3 additional regular cards, up to 6 business cards, or a combination of both. Attach it when you need the extra storage, and detach it when you don’t.


Add Capacity to Your Flipside® 3X: Holds up to 3 regular cards, up to 6 business cards, or a combination of both

RFID Friendly: Ideal for scanning RFID cards without opening your wallet, such as RFID subway passes, RFID work and building entry cards, and more.

All Business:  Works excellent as a business card dispenser

Holds Extra Thick Cards:  Able to hold a thick standard issue HID RFID Proximity work entry card

New Compact Size: Slim 5/32″ thick design holds the same as the old FlipsideKick™ but is approximately 1/16″ thinner and smoother in pocket

New Scratch Resistant Texture: Helps repel most scratches during daily use

Tough Polycarbonate Design: Prevents your cards and business cards from being bent or deformed

Easy Snap-On Design: Attach it when you need it, detach it when you don’t





The Flipside® Stow™ wallet attachment is for holding items other than cash and cards. It firmly attaches to the back of your Flipside® 3X Wallet and is capable of holding keys and various types of coins.

Simply push the button down and slide out the drawer in ‘Bond’ like fashion. Hide your house keys, loose change, bus tokens, or other small trinkets inside. The Stow™ can hide anything 3/16″ thick or less inside.


Fast Access to Your Coins: Discretely carry various types of coins on the back of your Flipside® 3X Wallet

Consolidate Your Wallet and Keys: Holds 4 regular keys in 2 stacks and uses a detachable key divider to keep keys organized and prevent them from shifting during transport

Key FOB Friendly: An included quick-release mini-key lanyard allows you to carry your car key FOB or remote, and is able to be detached quickly on the fly

Secure Locking Mechanism: Push the button down and slide the Stow™ out, and push it back in until it locks back into place

Scratch Resistant Texture: Repels most scratches from daily use

Strong, Durable Design: Constructed from polycarbonate plastic

For more information on the Flipside® Stow™ please see our FAQ’s page here.






Each Flipside® 3X Wallet includes a standard detachable clip with a durable rubber strap for holding cards, cash, receipts and more. In the rare event that this strap breaks, these replacement straps can be affixed to the clip in its place.

These high strength monomer rubber straps are engineered with outstanding heat, ozone, and weather resistance. They can handle a lot of demands, including fastening receipts or ticket stubs on the fly, holding some business cards, or jamming a wad of extra cash to the back of your Flipside® 3X.