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rfid secure wallet


A wallet is meant to carry and protect some of your most valuable personal effects–cash, credit cards, driver’s license, and your very identity.

The Flipside® 3X Wallet is considered the ultimate evolved form of the infamous Flipside® 2X, and continues to advance elements of traditional wallets in terms of versatility, durability, functionality, and style.

The Flipside® 3X improves on every element of its predecessor, including new structural reinforcements on an already strong polycarbonate shell design, a redesigned and stronger locking mechanism, an enlarged cash slot for storing both cash and cards, and a brand new detachable clip system that can hold just about anything.


• RFID Blocking: Two main card slots prevent RFID scanning of your credit/debit cards

• Reinforced Polycarbonate Design:  Prevent your cards from being bent or crushed

• Streamlined Organization:  Flip between cash and cards easily and intuitively

• NEW capacity options:  Holds 8 cards and 10 bills, with the new cash slot able to hold both cash and cards

• NEW Scratch Resistant Texture: A rugged new texture repels most scratches

• NEW Detachable Clip:  The new external clip can hold cards, business cards, cash and more

• NEW Locking Mechanism: A revamped, stronger button system locks the wallet tight

• 1-Year Limited Warranty:   Click here to learn more

NOTE: The Flipside® 3X Wallet is able to hold U.S. and Australian bills inside the cash slot, but extra wide bills such as Canadian, U.K., and some Euro notes must be double folded or held under the external strap.



modular wallet attachment


The Flipside Wallet is a masterpiece wallet design that accommodates a perfectly reasonable amount of personal items. However, every wallet users capacity needs can vary from day to day, and we kept this firmly in mind when designing the FlipsideKick™ attachment.

The FlipsideKick™ is a universal card slot that firmly and securely attaches to the back your Flipside 2X or 3X Wallet (in place of the standard detachable clip) to increase the wallets’ capacity. Hold up to 3 additional regular cards, up to 6 business cards, or a combination of both. Attach it when you need the extra storage, and detach it when you don’t.

Add Capacity to Your Flipside 2X and 3X: Holds up to 3 regular cards, up to 6 business cards, or a combination of both

RFID Friendly: Ideal for scanning RFID cards without opening your wallet, such as RFID subway passes, RFID work and building entry cards, and more.

All Business:  Works excellent as a business card dispensor

Compact size: Slim 3/16″ thick design keeps wallet compact and comfortable

Tough Polycarbonate Design: Prevents your cards and business cards from being bent or deformed

Easy Snap-On Design: Attach it when you need it, detach it when you don’t

NOTE: The NEW FlipsideKick™ attachment is coming late November–designed exclusively for the Flipside® 3X Wallet!

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