FlipsideKick Attachment

  • The Flipside® 4 Wallet is a masterpiece wallet design that accommodates a perfectly reasonable amount of personal items. However, every wallet user’s capacity needs can vary from day to day depending on their activities.

    The FlipsideKick™ is compatible with the Flipside® 3X and Flipside® 4 Wallets. Now made from a single piece of durable polycarbonate plastic, the FlipsideKick™  attaches to the back of your wallet to increase it’s capacity. Hold up to 3 additional regular cards, up to 6 business cards, or a combination of both. Attach it when you need the extra storage, and detach it when you don’t.

    Add Capacity to Your Flipside® 3X or Flipside® 4: Holds up to 3 regular cards, up to 6 business cards, or a combination of both

    RFID Friendly: Ideal for scanning RFID cards without opening your wallet, such as RFID subway passes, RFID work and building entry cards, and more.

    All Business:  Works excellent as a business card dispenser

    Holds Extra Thick Cards:  Able to hold a thick standard issue HID RFID Proximity work entry card

    New Compact Size: Slim 5/32″ thick design holds the same as the old FlipsideKick™ but is approximately 1/16″ thinner and smoother in pocket

    New Scratch Resistant Texture: Helps repel most scratches during daily use

    Tough Polycarbonate Design: Prevents your cards and business cards from being bent or deformed

    Easy Snap-On Design: Attach it when you need it, detach it when you don’t


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