Flipside Stow Attachment

  • The Flipside® Stow wallet attachment is for holding items other than cash and cards. It firmly attaches to the back of your Flipside® 3X or Flipside® 4 Wallet and is capable of holding keys and various types of coins.

    Simply push the button down and slide out the drawer in ‘Bond’ like fashion. Hide your house keys, loose change, bus tokens, or other small trinkets inside. The Stow™ can hide anything 3/16″ thick or less inside.

    Fast Access to Your Coins: Discretely carry various types of coins on the back of your Flipside® 3X Wallet

    Consolidate Your Wallet and Keys: Holds 4 regular keys in 2 stacks and uses a detachable key divider to keep keys organized and prevent them from shifting during transport

    Key FOB Friendly: An included quick-release mini-key lanyard allows you to carry your car key FOB or remote, and is able to be detached quickly on the fly

    Secure Locking Mechanism: Push the button down and slide the Stow™ out, and push it back in until it locks back into place

    Scratch Resistant Texture: Repels most scratches from daily use

    Strong, Durable Design: Constructed from polycarbonate plastic

    For more information on the Flipside® Stow™ please see our FAQ’s page here.

Type: accessories

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