FlipsideKick Attachment

The all new FlipsideKick® is the one attachment to rule them all. Combining all of the abilities of our previous attachments into one, the new Kick' can hold cards, business cards, keys, loose change and more, giving customers lots of options and versatility in their every day carry.

The new FlipsideKick® is constructed from high strength polycarbonate plastic and now features a molded rubber face for some moderate grip in hand or in pocket without attracting lint. A new oversized thumb notch allows cards to be pushed out easier than ever, and an included detachable mini lanyard is perfect for carrying a few keys or similar items.

Add Capacity to Your Flipside® 4 or Flipside® 3X: Holds a variety of items including cards, business cards, and keys or coins with the optional drawer insert

Fits the Flipside® 4 Wallet Like a Glove: The new FlipsideKick was designed to match and mirror the geometry of the Flipside® 4 wallet for easy handling

Quick Draw Cards Like Never Before: All new design allows extremely easy and quick ejection of cards

Hold Keys and Coins: The new included drawer insert can hold keys, coins, or a combination of both (see images)

New Mini Lanyard: A new detachable mini lanyard can loop around one of two holes and is perfect for carrying a key FOB or a few house keys

RFID Friendly: Ideal for scanning RFID cards without opening your wallet, such as RFID subway passes, RFID work and building entry cards, and more.

Tough Polycarbonate Design: Prevents your cards and business cards from being bent or deformed

New Rubber Face: A new molded rubber backing gives a soft touch grip and has high abrasion and chemical/oil resistance


-Holds 4 regular flat cards

-Holds 8 business cards

-Holds 1 Tile® Slim bluetooth tracker and 1 card

-Holds 3 or 4 keys (with drawer inserted)

-Holds 6 U.S. Quarters (with drawer inserted)

-Holds 6 €1 coins or 5 €2 coins (with drawer inserted)

NOTE: The FlipsideKick® can only hold cards or the drawer insert at one time. It cannot hold both at once.

For more specific capacity questions, please read the new FlipsideKick FAQ's here


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