• What credit card companies are issuing RFID enabled cards? How do i know if i have one already?

     All of the major credit card companies are:

    -American Express ExpressPay

    -Visa PayWave

    -Mastercard PayPassy

    -Your new Drivers License: REAL ID Act of 2005

    You can tell if you already have an RFID card by simply looking for one of the above logos on your credit/debit cards (for example, look for the “PayPass” logo on your card).


    What countries do you ship to?

    We currently ONLY ship to the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK due to pandemic related severe shipping delays to all other countries. We hope to restore service to all other countries in the future once the situation improves. For more info on countries we do not ship to, please see our shipping information page here.


    Where is the Flipside Wallet made?

    All Flipside Wallets™ are manufactured and assembled right here in the USA.


    How do I order a wallet from your web site?

    Simply go to the store section of our site and select the product you want. Then click the “add to cart” button and simply select a color from the drop down menu. Follow the easy check out instructions after that. We secure your information using encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

    My orders tracking number says my package was delivered, but I did not get it. Whats going on?

    This happens sometimes for a variety of reasons. Because the tracking number says you did in fact receive your order, there is not much we can do on our end. But here are the helpful steps we give to customers trying to track down a missing package:

    1. Contact your local post office right away and ask to speak to the actual mail man who delivers mail on your street. Ask him about the package and the day it says it was delivered (mail men are pretty good at remembering packages on their route).

    2. See if your local post office is holding the package for some reason.

    3. Check with your immediate neighbors to see if the package was accidentally delivered to their mailboxes or houses.

    By following the above steps, almost all customers track down their missing packages.


    I ordered from outside the U.S. and my tracking information has not been updated since it left the U.S. Is my package lost?

    Once an international package leaves the U.S. we have absolutely no control over it and it is now up to your country's postal system to deliver it to you. The tracking may even update and say it was delivered to you, but sometimes that just means it was delivered to your local post office and they are either holding it before it goes out for delivery, or you may have to pay extra customs charges before you can get the package. We strongly recommend contacting your local post office right away if you think this has happened.

  • Does the Flipside® 4 Wallet™ hold foreign bank notes from Canada or UK?

    The Flipside Wallet™ was primarily designed to hold U.S. bank notes as displayed in the pictures. It can aslo hold Australian banknotes inside as well.  Any notes wider than US or Australian  notes must be double folded and placed under the internal cash clip. OR wide notes can be securely fastened to the new detachable clip on the back of the wallet.


    Why won't you make the wallet bigger to hold foreign bank notes or hold more cards?

    After a lot of prototypes and experimentation, we discovered that the Flipside® 4 Wallet design hits some magic ratio or proportion for its size. As soon as we made the wallet thicker or wider, the design seemed to lose something, and began to feel bulky and lose its sleek appeal. We did not want to turn the vast majority of our fans away by making the wallet a giant brick. Moreover, customers can expand their wallets capacity already by adding an attachment to it.

    In light of this, we DO plan to start developing a separate, bigger version of the wallet in the future for more capacity and wider bank notes.


    What can the new detachable clip hold? Is it reliable?

     The new four-armed detachable clip system on the Flipside® 4 Wallet can hold 3-4 business cards, 2-3 regular cards, or 10 cash bills in any currency. The rubber strap on the clip is made from a high strength monomer rubber with high heat, fatigue and weather resistance–its extremely reliable!


    I don’t think I have any RFID enabled credit cards. Can I still use this wallet for my stuff?

    Absolutely! The Flipside® Wallet is still a wallet for all your cards, cash, business cards, receipts, etc. The RFID shielding protection is there if you ever need it for your cards.


    Is the entire Flipside® Wallet RFID shielded?

    No it is not–the wallet is efficient because it shields only what needs to be shielded. In order to create a tighter, more reliable RFID shielding effect, ONLY the two main card slots and the single card slot are RFID shielded (up to 7 cards). The cash slot is not fully RFID shielded.


    What is the Flipside® 4 Wallet made out of?

    The plastic components of the wallet are made from a very durable Polycarbonate plastic. It has strength and rigidity, but also has the flexibility and stress-cracking resistance of polypropylene. The interior is also made from Polycarbonate and anodized aluminum alloy components. All of these materials are recyclable.


    Is this wallet waterproof?

    The Flipside Wallet is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant and splash-proof to a degree, and can handle a few raindrops and splashes for sure.


    How much can the Flipside® 4 Wallet hold?

    The Flipside 4 can hold up to 6 credit/I.D. cards between the two main card slots (3 in each) PLUS 1 additional individual card such as a drivers license in the single card slot, and hold 10 bills and 1 card in the new cash slot. The cash slot can hold more cards if you wish, but the more cards in there, the less cash you can carry. See above for what the new detachable clip can hold.

    For more specifics, check out the Flipside 4’s store page to learn more.


    Do I carry this wallet in my front or back pocket?

    The Flipside Wallet was intended to be carried in your front pocket only! Though we don’t recommend it, people carry it in their back pocket anyways. The slim, compact shape and rounded edges allow the wallet to be comfortably carried in your pocket.


    What about loose change?

    This is a question we get a lot. We never intended for the Flipside Wallet to carry change, because we believe change inside a wallet can be cumbersome, heavy, and even destructive because it causes wallets to bulk up, stretch and tear. However, the cash compartment of the wallet can adequately carry a very small amount of change. Change can also be carried in the Flipside® Stow here.


  • What can the new FlipsideKick® hold?

    The all new FlipsideKick® attachment can hold:

    -4 regular flat cards

    -8 business cards

    -3 or 4 keys (with drawer inserted)

    -6 U.S. quarters or mix of change (with drawer inserted)

    -6 €1 coins or 5 €2 coins (with drawer inserted)


     Can the new FlipsideKick hold USB drives or bluetooth trackers?

    The new Kick cannot hold USB drives as most of them are too thick. HOWEVER, the new Kick is able to hold a Tile ® Slim bluetooth tracker plus one card or two business cards.


    Can I carry cards and keys/coins at the same time?

    No you can not. To keep the new FlipsideKicks size slim and compact, you can either hold a stack of cards inside it OR the optional drawer at one time. You cannot hold cards and the drawer inside at once.

    HOWEVER, you can carry cards inside the Kick, and carry some house keys on the new included detachable mini lanyard that comes with it, if you wanted to carry keys and cards at the same time.


    Is the FlipsideKick™ RFID Shielded?

    The Kick’ is not RFID shielded, and allows a user to scan certain RFID cards, such as work entry cards or subway passes by holding it up to the sensor and not having to open the wallet.


    Does the new FlipsideKick® fit on my old Flipside® 3X wallet?

    Yes it will! The new FlipsideKick can fit onto the Flipside 4 and 3X wallets.


    How thick is the new FlipsideKick®? How thick does it make the wallet once its attached?

    The new Kick adds about 1/4" of thickness to the back of your Flipside Wallet, and makes the overall wallet 1" thick. Always remember to remove any existing attachments from the back of your Flipside before attaching the new Kick.