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Chances are if you own a Flipside® Wallet, you have a story! It seems that once a customer starts using our wallets, they can’t help but get comments on it whenever they take it out and flip it open.

If you have a testimonial you would like to give, simply email us at info@flipsidewallet.com. We would love to hear from you!

Below are a selection of comments we have received from customers who are now living life on the Flipside:


This is my first time writing an email to a company about their product and I felt that this product is worth a compliment.  Your Flipside wallet design is absolutely Amazing!  The RFID feature is great, of course. This is my 2nd flipside in the last four years.  The strap broke on the first one and it was also scratched so I figured its time to order a new one. The wallet holds the right amount of cards and cash for me needs, due to its outstanding design.  I carry the wallet daily in my suit during work and in jeans/shorts during off hours and weekends.  I have never had an issue. The wallet held up great even after multiple unintentional drops. The locking mechanism have always stayed put no matter what.

Your team did a GREAT JOB on this product!!!  I am looking in to possibly purchasing the Kickside attachment in the near future as well.  Again, Great Job!

Robin T.

Bardonia, NY



Hey People. Received my wallet a day early and am very happy with it on all fronts. Quality, American made, materials, everything. I will be ordering another one in OD Green soon and look forward to getting it too.Thanks for being an outstanding Co. to deal with & have a great future.

Dale A.

Arroyo Grande, CA



I've been using many different minimalist wallets over the last few years, but I'll go on record as saying the Flipside 4 has been the best every day carry wallet I've ever used. It meets all my needs from slim profile (compact carry), lightweight, plenty of card carrying capability, and allows me to get cash in a very efficient and discreet manner.

Marc H.

Murray, KY



I just wanted to say that I love my new Flipside 4 wallet!  I became a
small wallet snob years ago, but I was tired of my soft leather
Bellroy and went cross-eyed looking for a replacement. I was about to
give up when I Googled  unique cool wallets  and saw yours.
Everything about it is perfect, so kudos for the design and
construction.  Now that I carry two chip cards, I really like knowing
they are protected.  And as a guy who works up a sweat, I like knowing
that my wallet won't become saturated on a hot summer day.  I have
shown it to a lot of people I know, and one of them immediately bought
herself one.  Thanks again!

-Tim H.

Bellevue, NE



First off, let me say that this Flipside 4 wallet is STURDY!  My packaging arrived, and it was obvious that the post office ran over it - the box was torn and scuffed, and it had been repackaged in a different envelope.  The wallet was completely undamaged, and totally usable.  Unfortunately the Kick that I ordered and that was shipped with it was lost in the attempted flattening.  Mike at Flipside graciously decided to send me a replacement to make up for the loss.

As for the actual usage of the wallet, I absolutely love it.  Functional, lightweight, and distinctive, and it holds all the cards I need.

-Anthony J.

Seattle, WA



I received my Flipside 4 wallet today thank you. 😊  I knew there would be overseas shipping and UK customs charges but it was worth every penny. An awesome must have product! I'd been looking for an alternative to shabby leather wallets for ages. It works really well with plenty of space.

-Adam C.

UK. England.



To whom it may concern, I received my first Flipside wallet back in 2012 as a groomsman's gift for a friends wedding. After using that wallet for years and seeing the new 3X model I knew I had to have it! My loving girlfriend purchased it for me as a gift and I am still using it to this day. I receive compliments and questions about it on a regular basis, most recently while Christmas shopping. I always direct them to your website and look forward to future models. Great product!

-Justin S.

Pittsburgh, PA


I normally would not be emailing companies about their products but I
must say that this is the best wallet I have ever owned. I have had
cheap and expensive wallets made of all materials but the flipside
wallet has survived travel all over the states and overseas for five+
years. Almost daily I get positive comments when i whip it out to pay
for food or whatever, and then direct people to get one themselves.
Just wanted to say thank you for such a awesome product.

-John S.

Kansas City, KS


I would just like to thank you for designing such a wonderful
alternative to the traditional leather wallet.  For a long time, I
have had problems with my cards cracking and, eventually, breaking
along the magnetic strips due to me sitting on my wallet and the edges
of the staggered credit card pockets pressing against the cards.  I'm
a pretty small-framed guy, too.  I only weigh about 150 lbs. and I'm
about 5'6'' tall.  Still, thought, the constant pressure of me sitting
on my wallet was causing my cards to become damaged.

I searched for some kind of alternative and Google eventually brought
me to your Flipside 3x wallet.  I thought it over and compared it to
some others I had found, but in the end, the Flipside seemed to be my
favorite.  I purchased my black Flipside 3x and Flipside Stow (because
I usually do have some change with me) back in March of this year.
Now, 6 months later, I could never imagine going back to a plain old
leather wallet.

All my cards are safe and protected.  They are easily accessible.  My
cash is neatly kept under the built-in money clip.  The "Stow"
compartment is perfect for my change.  I've even (to my horror)
dropped it a few times, and nothing has happened to it at all (much to
my relief, of course).

I absolutely LOVE THIS WALLET.  The only thing, I think, that could
make me love it more would be if it were, perhaps, offered in some
different finishes or materials.  For example, I really like the look
of black brushed stainless steel.  If the Flipside's design hadn't
seemed so cool and different to me, I might have gone with something
in a black brushed stainless steel finish.  Something else to
consider, might me a mixture of wood and metal finishes.  I have seen
some very cool modern wallet designs that utilize materials such as

Once again, thank you so much for creating this incredible product.  I
love it so much, and I have no intention of switching to anything else
any time soon.

With much appreciation,

Luke K.

Pittsburgh, PA


I spent literally years hunting for just the right wallet. I like to be able to carry all my cards every day, but hate bulky wallets and do not carry a purse. I stumbled across your wallets and now I talk them up every chance I get! I have never had such a sleek wallet still be so functional and able to hold so much. Will be ordering another shortly to have a backup on hand - just in case. I honestly don't know what I would have to do to break this - it has been dropped in snow, gravel, mud, concrete and never pops open or really even takes any damage. Thank you for an outstanding product made in the USA.

-Jessica L.

Delta Junction, AK


I just wanted to say I have had my flipside 2x wallet for 4 or 5 years
now and it is hands down the best wallet I have ever owned.  I can't
believe after this long and how many times it has been dropped it
still works perfectly.  Yea it might have a few scratches on it but I
think that makes it look battle tested.  I will never go back to any
other style wallet and have recommended this wallet to everyone I
know.  You can't go wrong with made in America.  Keep up the great

-J. Young

Hagerstown, MD


I never thought my FlipSide wallet would ever need to be replaced, but it finally came to the end of it’s life after 4 years of every day travel. I can not count how many times people asked me what “that is”, or where I they can buy the wallet, I hope it’s given you some return business.  I’m looking at getting my second one here soon, thanks again for making some cool gear.

-Michael T.

Tetro Productions

Boise, ID


I love this wallet!  I’m a female and I hate carrying those big bulky wallets in my purse and I love the security of the RFID technology.  Life long customer here!  I bought one for everyone in my family.  Keep up the great work!

-Luz C.

Omaha, NE


Flipside Wallet,

I just wanted to write and tell you guys that this wallet is amazing. I received it today (very fast shipping) and I love it! I was looking at wallets on youtube and google and I came across reviews of this and had to get one. Within an hour of having it, I went to the grocery store and four people and the cashier on the line commented on the wallet, and I mentioned the name to all of them.  I love the RFID protection for my credit card and my military license and the case will be durable for when I’m training in the field, compared to a leather wallet which bend and absorbs sweat (yuck). Thanks again and I hope this wonderful wallet lasts a long time like it seems to for others.


-Nicholas K.

Ridgefield Park, NJ


Your product rocks! Your customer service – Awesome!

I have the original Flipside™ wallet…STILL.  Yes you read that right.  I bought the nifty Impulse Blue Flipside™ Wallet back in October 2010.  It has remained awesome!

Every wallet I ever owned could not protect my cards, identification and money as well as the Flipside™.  I bought the Flipside™ to keep dirt out of my wallet and protect its contents better.  This wallet has exceeded my expectations as has your company.

My baby girl was playing with the wallet after my first year of ownership and dropped it.  The spring was lost!  You guys sent me a spring at no charge!  WHOAH!  Other than that, the wallet has worked flawlessly since.  It has now made it almost 5 years and through 3 baby girls playing with it.  (Did I mention it also functions as a babysitter and educational tool?  They have all loved trying to figure out how to open it and they stay quiet a long time while doing so.  Results may vary for other kids!)

So it may be time to get a new 3X.  Maybe.  It’s hard to justify when my original is still going strong, but those new features and colors?!?  Wow!

Thanks Flipside™

-Kevin B.

Monticello, Florida


Hey Flipside!! I received my awesome flame Orange wallet. Being a female I wish there was purple or pink!

I love the wallet! Super smooth to use, after about a week now my husband, who thought I was crazy to buy it, loves it too. It runs circles around everything else on the market, which I looked long and hard at before deciding to buy the Flipside. Even some that are far more spendy.

Thanks, it’s so much easier than an ancient conventional wallet!! I never thought it’d grow on me so much!!

-Carmen A.

Brush Prairie, Washington


"It’s a great wallet and I show it off wherever I can. Don’t change the design one iota…you have got a serious winner here!!!"

–Mark R.

Wallkill, NY


"I recently bought your wallet. I love it! It’s wonderful!"

I just wanted to say one of the reasons I bought it is because I had (keyword had) a card-cracking problem. My pliable wallet would constantly crack my cards because my wallet could easily be bent. I wanted to tell you this because you don’t have that listed on your website as the features of the wallet and I think it’s very important. I’ve recommended this to other people who have had similar problems with conventional wallets.

My cards are in great shape now with your wallet! Everyone that sees it thinks it’s pretty cool.

–David S.

Merrillville, IN


"So far this is the best wallet I have ever owned!"

–Larry D.

Winchester, TN


"I bought the Flipside 2x about four months ago and absolutely love it. The wallet itself still works like it did when I took it out of the box. The oohs and ahhs I get when it flips open are priceless. Many people in my college dorm ask about it and where they can get one. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next."

–Ben M.

Chesapeake, VA


"Just received my blazing orange Flipside 2X wallet!!! Super excited that my cards and ID are now protected from RFID scamming morons! It took me one minute to transfer all my stuff to it and about an hour to get it personalized lol. I’m very excited and very happy with my purchase :)"

–Daniel H.

Newark, DE


"Hello again all at Flipside,"

It’s been few weeks and the reponse to the wallet has been unanimously positive. Expect a few more Toronto orders.

Also, I am a member of a car share company and to access the cars you use a chipped card on a windshield mounted reader. With that chipped card in the wallet, the reader failed to detect the card. Well designed, and well played. Thanks again for a great product.

Sean M.

Toronto, CA


"Hi Flipside,"

My girlfriend (on my request) got me the Flipside Wallet one year ago for xmas and the sidekick this year for xmas. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love it and that it’s the best wallet I’ve ever had. I constantly get comments at stores when I’m paying that my wallet “looks awesome/cool.” People at my office are equally impressed and three of them have already gotten it themselves though not in the awesome orange color I got (not my fault they have no style :-p). Anyway, I just wanted to say you have one very satisfied customer a year later.

–Aaron R.



I am unsure of who to let know that I received excellent customer service that went above & beyond from one of your employees named Mike. I was trying to order one of your amazing Flipside wallets and ran into a few obstacles and he helped me out. He replied to all of my emails (there were a lot!) to let me know that you do indeed ship to Canada, and of when inventory would be available again.

I am extremely please with the customer service that I received and feel that Mike should be recognized for it. Had it not been for him, my husband would not be getting the flipside wallet that he so desired and now he will be very happy Christmas morning thanks to Mike!

I would appreciate it if this could be passed along so that he knows that his excellent customer service is much appreciated.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

–Joanne P.

Saskatchewan, Canada


"I received the wallet. Thanks so much! Now I can brag about Flipside’s excellent customer service in addition to the sweet wallet! Thanks again! "

–Corey O.



"I just received my Flipside wallet today and I’m very pleased!! I was already using a front pocket wallet to get use to the feel and I don’t have any discomfort at all having the Flipside wallet in my front pocket. I will definately spread the word and I have already become a fan on facebook. Keep up the good work. I’ll keep my eye out for the next version. Take care."

–Jamale J.

Richmond, VA


"I recently purchased the Flipside Wallet 2 (stealth) as soon as it was available. All I have to say is EXCELLENT job on the product. I’ve had big bulky leather wallets, front pocket wallets with and without money clip, metal wallet, jimi wallet, etc etc and was never quite satisfied with capacity and build quality overall. Upon receiving this, it hasn’t left my side, and carries exactly what I need as far as cash and receipts, and i’ve yet to max out the number of cards it will hold effectively."

I’ve had positive comments from both men and women regarding the wallet, including “that’s COOL” and “hey, that’s bad-ass”. (meaning good of course). From the feel of the unit when opening and closing, and the construction, I believe it will last me a very long time, and even more peace of mind with the included warranty against defects.

Thank you for your innovation and such a great product. Will refer many to your site, and order a white one for the winter!

–Joseph A.