flipside founder

Flipside wallets designs and manufactures the world’s most secure crush resistant wallets; Our wallets shield from RFID Scanning and RFID Theft, lock shut so that nothing falls out, and features a highly intuitive design that organizes and allows easy access to your items. 

We are a small company originally founded by an Architect turned rogue industrial designer. Matched by our love for designing unique consumer product ideas is our intense desire to bring those ideas into the real world, and with the Flipside® Wallet™, we were successful.

This company started with a simple premise; We HATED wallets! We were tired of leather and fabric wallets ripping/flaking with time, items accidentally falling out due to overloading, not being able to see cards inside deep card slots, cheap vinyl picture sleeves that yellowed and ripped apart in a matter of months, and cards being crushed and bent because fabric wallets flex too much. Why were your most important personal items stored in such an insecure apparatus?

And so in the summer of 2004 we set out to give the traditional wallet an upgrade that was a long time in coming. We started with the notion that your wallet should act as your own ‘portable vault’ of sorts, meant to securely hold all of your personal articles and data. We have upgraded everything a traditional wallet lacked in terms of durability, security, and functionality.

After many prototypes, our solution to these problems was the now legendary Flipside® Wallet, embodying some of the most useful features and improvements the wallet has seen in a long time; high strength polymer and aluminum alloy construction, minimal holding compartments for maximum visibility, a quick-release auto locking mechanism to make sure nothing falls out, assisted flip-opening, and the ability to shield your cards from RFID Theft.

We strongly appreciate the support and feedback from our customers, and we will continue to fight Identity Theft, embrace RFID technologies in a secure manner, and bring a useful, intriguing product to the table.

See You On The Flipside,

The Flipside® Wallet Team