Flipside 4 Wallet

  • A wallet is meant to carry and protect some of your most valuable personal effects–cash, credit cards, driver’s license, and your very identity.

    The all new Flipside® 4 Wallet design is the result of extensive observation and customer feedback from its predecessor. We took the excellent core functionality of the 3X wallet, eliminated all of its weaknesses and enhanced all of its strengths.

    With comprehensive structural improvements everywhere, an extremely intuitive new locking button design, backwards compatibility with all attachments we have ever made, and a rugged new look and feel, the Flipside® 4 Wallet is truly a vault for your pocket.

    Flipside ® 4 Wallet Features:

    RFID Blocking: Two main card slots prevent RFID scanning of your credit/debit cards using aircraft grade aluminum alloy

    Extensive New Structural Reinforcements: Nearly every component has been strengthened to drastically improve durability

    Crush Resistant Design: Prevents your cards from being bent or cracked

    Classic "Flip Over" Organization: Automatically flips open and lets you flip between cash and cards easily and intuitively

    Easiest Button Ever: New button design is extremely easy to operate in any situation--just push it down to flip the wallet open

    Completely Redesigned Hinges: Substantially stronger middle panel and shell hinges that are built to endure abuse

    Deeper Scratch Resistant Texture: A new deeper texture on all parts inside and out give the wallet a much higher quality look and feel that you will notice immediately

    Backwards Compatible With All Attachments: The Flipside® 4 Wallet is compatible with all present and past clip attachments (current and previous gen FlipsideKick™ attachments, Flipside Stow™, Flipside® 3X all purpose clip, Flipside® 2X T-clip)

    Double Grip Card Slots: Each card slot in the wallet now has twice as much grip to secure cards even better

    2-Year Limited Warranty: Click here to learn more

    U.S. and International Patents Issued: Enjoy the patented design of our products and know that they are quality, authentic and made right here in the USA.

    NOTE ON BILL SIZES: The Flipside® 4 Wallet is able to hold U.S. and Australian bills inside the cash slot, but extra wide bills such as Canadian, U.K., and some Euro notes must be double folded or held under the external strap. 

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