Introducing the All New FlipsideKick Attachment

May 01, 2019 2 Comments

Introducing the All New FlipsideKick Attachment

We are thrilled to introduce the all NEW FlipsideKick® attachment--the one attachment to rule them all! The new attachment combines the abilities of our previous FlipsideKick and Flipside Stow attachments into one, offering the user many different options for their every day carry.

flipside mens wallet accessory

The new FlipsideKick® is constructed from high strength polycarbonate plastic and now features a molded rubber face for some moderate grip in hand or in pocket without attracting lint. A new oversized thumb notch allows cards to be pushed out easier than ever, and an included detachable mini lanyard is perfect for carrying a few keys or similar items.

The new Kick' also includes a new optional drawer insert that you can slide into the attachment just like a card, and can hold keys and coins.

wallet key holder

The all new FlipsideKick can hold:

-Holds 4 regular flat cards

-Holds 8 business cards

-Holds 1 Tile® Slim bluetooth tracker and 1 card

-Holds 3 or 4 keys (with drawer inserted)

-Holds 6 U.S. Quarters (with drawer inserted)

-Holds 6 €1 coins or 5 €2 coins (with drawer inserted)

The all new FlipsideKick is available now for $14.95, and comes in 4 of the most popular colors: Stealth Black, Mech Grey, Flare Orange, and Trooper Green. You can choose to match your Flipside Wallet color, or mix and match if you desire.


-Team Flipside




2 Responses

Richard A. Coaxum
Richard A. Coaxum

May 09, 2019

Great new attachment gives me space for 1 more card. After using the “4” for a few years now I will not use any other wallet. Sometimes I think that a belt clip holder would be nice when I am wearing a suit so I do not have that front pocket bulge but I have been dealing with it. The wallet makes me get rid of pieces of paper and other stuff that would just be stuck in my leather wallets. Again, GREAT PRODUCT. YOU HAVE GOT ME FOR LIFE.

Dwayne Fedalizo
Dwayne Fedalizo

May 09, 2019

Thank you for releasing the new flipsidekick. I lost my flipside 4 with the old Sidekick and when I ordered a new Flipside wallet, the sidekick accessory was Sold Out and customer service told me that a new version would come out by the end of April, and sure enough when I checked the website… there it was. Just ordered mines and can’t wait. Love this wallet.
PS. Had to buy my friend a Flipside wallet because he saw mines and wanted one.

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