The US Postal Service is Still Delivering Holiday Packages, Shipping Delays Persist

February 05, 2021

The US Postal Service is Still Delivering Holiday Packages, Shipping Delays Persist

After an unprecedented year of quarantine where people were mostly confined to their homes, Americans took to online shopping in record numbers.

Already short-handed from a large percentage of workers on sick leave due to Covid-19, the US Postal Service experienced more packages coming in than they could possibly process in time. UPS and Fed Ex have also been experiencing continuing delays as well. As a result, the USPS is still working through a large backlog of packages little by little, and causing some shipping delays with current and new packages. 

Please be warned that all shipments from Flipside Wallets will arrive later than expected for at least the immediate future. Currently, the vast majority of our customers' orders are taking anywhere from 4-10 days to arrive.

MOREOVER, you may notice that your tracking does not appear to update after a label is created, and we believe this is due to the USPS attempting to save time by not scanning every single individual package they pick up in bulk. Be assured your package is still moving even though it is not being scanned frequently in the beginning of transit. 

We appreciate all of our customers patience during this difficult time. Even though packages are delayed, the vast majority are still arriving. 

For more on the nationwide USPS shipping delay, check out the latest story here.

The original story:

'Perfect storm' of high package volume, employees out with COVID slowing USPS deliveries before Christmas


Have  Safe and Happy New Year,

Team Flipside

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