What you should and shouldn't keep in your wallet

June 12, 2023

What you should and shouldn't keep in your wallet

If there is one thing we have learned here at Flipside, it is that every customer is different. In terms of a mens wallet, every person has very different preferences for what items they like to carry.

According to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, financial experts say that at its core, your wallet should carry at least a maximum of 3 credit cards, and one of those should be from a different bank or financial institution than the others. Other essential cards include your drivers license, health insurance cards, and maybe your most frequently used loyalty card. 

In terms of cash trends, Pew Research conducted a study in 2022 of how many Americans carry and use cash for their purchases. They found that while there is a lot of variation according to age group, income level and other demographics, 6 in 10 Americans say they always try to have cash on hand for daily purchases or just in case. There is comfort in knowing that you have a backup form of payment at all times, and its something most Americans still carry.

Instead of listing many different every day carry load-out options for your wallet, we have prepared a very practical and almost universal list of what you should and should not carry in your wallet.

What you SHOULD carry in your wallet:

-2 credit cards (one should be from a different bank than the other)

-1 debit card

-Drivers License

-Health Insurance Card (and the health insurance cards of your children if needed)

-1 or 2 of your most frequently used rewards cards (such as a Starbucks Rewards card)

-Cash (this varies for everyone, but having $75-$100 on you at all times is ideal)

What you SHOULDN'T carry in your wallet:

-Social Security Card (this is a no brainer)

-Birth Certificate

-House Key (you wouldn't want an unplanned visit from a wallet thief, would you?)

-Receipts (Don't let your wallet become a trash can)

-Blank checks

-TOO many rewards cards (this can get out of control quickly)

No matter what your daily wallet carry is, it's reassuring to know that Flipside RFID wallets will keep all of your cards and cash safe. Our wallets automatically lock shut so that nothing can physically fall out, and they have best in class RFID shielding technology. Our crush resistant wallets are also designed for every day adventures. Grab one here and start streamlining your pocket. 

 RFID blocking mens wallet

-Team Flipside 




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