Security and Vigilance Are More Important Than Ever

August 10, 2018

Security and Vigilance Are More Important Than Ever

It seems like every time we visit CNN lately, there is a new twist to the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal, making the social media giant look more and more unscrupulous and deceitful. And no matter what CEO Zuckerberg says, he knows he made a colossal mistake, and had malicious entities taking advantage of us right on his platform.

As massive and prominent as Facebook and other social media is in our lives, it could be said that they all have a moral responsibility to filter the content and users on their website to remain pure and unbiased, but they don't. They have become so massive, that they are now complacent and indifferent towards its users (aka it's 'data' suppliers).

Whether any of this is true or not, there are a few things we must be in today's world; smart, vigilant and secure. Mix your passwords up, use two step authentication for any app or website you regularly use and rely on, never share your most valuable personal information, and most importantly--never trust Facebook.

Here at Flipside Wallets, we built our company and our products on the very principle of security. We have a mindset that greatly values peace of mind and privacy. And in this age, where we share everything we ate for lunch on Instagram and post where we are going for vacation on Facebook, we are constantly setting ourselves up for any number of personal breaches.

mens wallet

The Flipside® 4 RFID Wallet--built like a fortress.

There are too many malicious entities out to scam you today, and they are making it their full time job. Be smart, vigilant, safe and secure. You can start by arming yourself with the world's most secure wallet--the mighty Flipside® 4 RFID blocking wallet. No, we are not sure if a super secure wallet can save the world from security breaches and hackers, but it sure is a start!


-Team Flipside


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