RFID Blocking Wallets: 10 Reasons Why the Flipside® Wallet is Superior

January 30, 2014 1 Comment

RFID Blocking Wallets: 10 Reasons Why the Flipside® Wallet is Superior

RFID blocking wallets are a little more widespread than they were a few years ago, but even as time has passed there are still a lot of inexcusable flaws in current designs. Flaws that just make you scratch your head and say, “Really? You thought THAT would be a good idea for a reliable wallet?”

Search online for RFID blocking wallets and you will find a few very distinct options:

-RFID Shielding sleeves that you slip cards into and out of. Flimsy in construction, it adds extra work, wallet thickness, and complication in getting to your cards.

-Traditional leather wallets with aluminum foil (you heard that right–aluminum foil) sewn into the outer layer. Foil that will crease and rip and tear over time without question.

-Two cheaply manufactured aluminum plates held together with a hair tie that actually crushes your cards together for you (yep, you hear that Costanza–no need to sit on and crush this wallet yourself!) and is near impossible to locate and remove a card smoothly in the checkout line.

-A very cheaply manufactured hard case wallet you may have seen profusely advertised on TV and the internet that does almost nothing it claims it does, taped together, and is the latest “as seen on TV” scam.

It doesn’t matter how much marketing is done or how pretty something looks in pictures; a daily use product like a wallet NEEDS to work, and it needs to work well. As we have said time and time again, a wallet is meant to carry and protect your most valuable assets–your name and address, credit cards, RFID cards, medical cards, and your very identity. Why would you want to store that inside your flimsy leather wallet? Do you see bank vaults using doors made of fabric?

Here is why Flipside® Wallets are superior to all other RFID blocking wallets:

1. We use aircraft grade aluminum plating, NOT aluminum foil

The strong aluminum alloy plates inside the Flipside® Wallet are what give it superior RFID shielding abilities (see the RFID Scanning test we did in our demo here). The plates were designed to sit firmly and snugly, and will not get crushed or damaged because of the strong polycarbonate shell design.

2. Locks shut

Have you ever had a card slip out of your wallet by accident, or inexplicably lose that $20 bill you KNOW was in there 10 minutes ago? We haven’t, because we are using a Flipside® Wallet. It automatically locks itself shut when you close it, and it is physically impossible for cards or cash to fall out by accident.


3.  Prevents your cards from getting crushed

This one always makes us scratch our heads. Why do people still choose to sit on and crush their important plastic? Well, as long as they have a Flipside, they have nothing to worry about. The super durable polycarbonate design resists crushing forces, and does not bend or deform your cards.


4. RFID-Friendly, not just RFID Blocking

Obviously, RFID Blocking is a two-way street. RFID enabled cards are made to be scanned. The Flipside 3X’s patented design allows you to shield RFID cards on the inside, and scan other RFID cards you want by easily attaching them to the back via its detachable clip system. Shield your RFID credit/debit cards inside, and scan things like RFID work entry cards and subway passes without opening your wallet. No other RFID blocking wallet can do this effectively!


5. Flips itself open, and holds itself open for you

Traditional leather wallets spend about 99% of their life folded in half. Because of this, well-worn wallets will want to ‘stay closed’ when a user is trying to sort through them for a particular card. A Flipside® 3X Wallet will flip itself open with the push of a button, and hold itself open for the user while they try to flip through it, locate a card, or count their cash.


6. Much more intuitive to access cards and cash

Similar to a Blackjack dealer, you can push cards right out of your wallet using just your thumbs. You can even count your cash while it’s still in the cash slot. There is no ‘wedging’ a card out from the depths or looking like a fool in the checkout line.


7. Expandable for future needs

Are you one of those people that just HAVE to carry that American Eagle gift card your Aunt Sue gave you for your birthday, but have nowhere to put it? No problem, just attach one of the clip attachments to the back of the Flipside® Wallet and you have extra capacity. The FlipsideKick™ is great for protecting business cards and regular cards, and the included attachment for the Flipside®3X Wallet is great for everything.


8.  Bright, colorful and hard to lose

You might be one of those people that can never find their wallet and keys before they leave the house. Or perhaps you frequently go camping or biking, and need bright colored equipment so it’s easy to find.  While scanning your environment for your daily essentials, we would be surprised if you missed a Flare Orange or Beam Yellow Flipside on your desk.


9. No animals were slaughtered to make this wallet

Doesn’t it seem a little excessive that we have to slaughter an animal to make leather wallets? We think so, and animal lovers everywhere should take comfort in the fact that our wallets are made from strong recyclable polycarbonate and aluminum alloy, not things that “Moo.”


10.  Home Grown

Forget about corner-cutting China. Unlike most RFID blocking wallets, ALL Flipside® products are made and assembled right here in the USA, by hardworking Americans. The extra cost of making our wallets here is one we gladly accept because we like knowing they are being made in our backyard, and we can quickly and routinely visit our manufacturers if need be. It feels good to be home-grown!

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RJ Wallace
RJ Wallace

April 10, 2018

Great wallet, going to add a second one when the orange is back in stock!

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