Introducing the Flipside® 4 Wallet, Launching June 21st

June 15, 2017 2 Comments

Introducing the Flipside® 4 Wallet, Launching June 21st

After a lot of experimentation and development, we have created our best wallet ever!

We are thrilled to finally unveil our newest flagship wallet design--the Flipside® 4 Wallet. The all new Flipside® 4 Wallet is the result of extensive observation and customer feedback from its predecessor.

flipside 4 rfid secure wallet

During the development process, we tried a lot of new concepts and features out, including wallet designs that were thicker and wider for higher capacity. And after all of that experimentation, we were surprised to learn that the size of the Flipside® 3X wallet seemed to strike some magic ratio or proportion. The bigger or wider we made it, the more it lost something as a design, and began to feel a little too big in hand or pocket.

For this reason, we decided to keep the Flipside® 4 Wallet the same size as its predecessor, but with a lot of important new improvements. We essentially took the excellent core functionality of the 3X wallet, eliminated all of its weaknesses and enhanced all of its strengths.


flipside edc wallet

Flipside® 4 Wallet New Features and Launch Details:

-Launch Date: The Flipside® 4 wallet will launch on Wednesday, June 21st and will cost $39.95. It will be available exclusively on our website, and available on more sales channels at a later time. Pre-orders are not available at this time.

-Colors: The wallet will come in our five most popular colors: Stealth Black, Mech Grey, Trooper Green, Flare Orange, and Impulse Blue.

-Capacity: The Flipside® 4 holds the same amount as its predecessor. Standard capacity is 8 cards (3+3+1 in individual slot, +1 in cash slot) and 10 bills internally. More cards can be held in the cash slot if less bills are carried.

-Same Industry Leading RFID Blocking Design: Have peace of mind knowing that your cards are protected inside the world's most secure wallet, and prevented from being scanned by RFID Thieves or skimmers.

-Extensive Structural Reinforcement: Nearly every component has been strengthened to drastically improve durability and crush resistance, including redesigned hinges, shells, card slot rails and more.

-Easiest Button EVER: The new button design is extremely easy to operate in any situation. You now just simply push it down to unlock and flip the wallet open.

-Deeper Scratch Resistant Texture: A new more rugged texture on all parts inside and out gives the wallet a much higher quality look and feel that you will notice immediately once you hold it in your hands.

-Double Grip Card Slots: The card slots now have twice as much grip on their sides to secure cards even better than before.

-Backwards Compatible With All Attachments: The Flipside® 4 Wallet is compatible with all present and past clip attachments (current and previous gen FlipsideKick™ attachments, Flipside Stow™ attachment, Flipside® 3X all-purpose clip, Flipside® 2X T-clip).

-2 Year Limited Warranty: The warranty for the Flipside® 4 wallet, like its predecessor, still covers the important things (hinges and mechanisms of the wallet) but has been extended to 2 years.

-U.S. and International Patents Issued: Enjoy the patented design of our products and know that they are quality, authentic and made right here in the USA.

crush resistant wallet

We know the Flipside® 4 Wallet will be your trusty and reliable every day carry item for years to come. It is nothing short of a vault for your pocket.

See you all on Launch Day!


-The Flipside Wallet Team

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March 03, 2018

Very nice

Regino Garcia
Regino Garcia

August 10, 2017

I’ve had the flipside 3x for that past 4 years, it has proved to be the best wallet i have ever had. This wallet had been in my pocket everyday, survived several crashes to the floor and a 10 month deployment to Afghanistan. The 4 has big shoes to fill and I’m looking forward to seeing how well it stacks up.

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